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Web Clip Configuration

A web clip is a shortcut to a website or web page from an iOS device. Use a web clip configuration to create standard web clips on devices.

Web clip settings


What To Do


Enter a name that identifies this configuration.


Enter a description that clarifies the purpose of this configuration.


Enter the text that you want to display below the shortcut on the device screen.*


Enter the URL that the web clip will access.*


Select to allow the device user to delete the web clip.


Drag the icon file to the dotted box, or click Choose File to select it from your file system.

Precomposed Icon

Select to eliminate the special effects added by more recent versions of Safari.

Full Screen

Select to display the web clip in full-screen mode instead of as content in a browser.

Note:  Type $ to see a list of supported variables, if available, for this field.


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